Are we strippers? Yes. Are we dancers? Yes. Are we artists? Yes.

And are we feminists? Hell yes!

Burlesque according to us is about freeing and reclaiming the Female sexuality. It ’s settling accounts with body issues and giving the finger to conventional expectations about how women should look and behave. But mostly it’s about having a lot of fun onstage, spreading glamour and putting on a great show! It’s a political statement, tons of fun, and our favourite form of performance art! In Burlesque we have a magic opportunity of being here and now, of entertainment, of fleeing the gray everyday life.
Let the show begin.

Vaudevillains Burlesque Variety was founded in late 2013 by performers Lady Rivet, Miss Rita Regrets and Harley Queen. We have held our own clubs and shows at Nalen and Södra Teatern. We have performed together and solo at Fräulein Frauke Presents, Melt Restaurant and Burkläsk among others, and done several private gigs such as birthday parties (a surprise performance is a fun birthday gift!)
We have also cooperated with Sthlm Noir.

Vaudevillains focus a lot on dance and classic show stopper routines. We have a charleston inspired grand showroutine as well as a fabulous can-can. All of the members have a lot of experience and training in dancing. Lady Rivet has studied Musical Theatre, Harley Queen is currently studying to become a licensed dance teacher and Miss Rita Regrets, our vintage expert, has studied design and has several years of swing dancing experience. We mix classic burlesque with more modern neo burlesque, and we surely have something to please every taste.

Vaudevillains are available for gigs with one, a few or several group numbers or solo routines, as well as hosting full shows or being compéres at your own event. We’ve also held very appreciated workshops and hen parties!

Lady Rivet is also available as a singer, with focus on cabaret, classic showtunes and jazz.

Feel free to contact us with booking inquiries or any other questions! We are sure to find someting suitable for your event!

XoXo / Vaudevillains Burlesque Variety